Sleep Plan

Tracking + improving sleep

Parenting data on demand

A smarter monitor for
superior sleep

real-time sleep analytics

From stress-free wind-down routines to ideal sleep positions

  • 71% of Nanit families reported feeling less anxious after using Nanit
  • 98% of Nanit parents reported that their Nanit gave them peace of mind while being away from baby
  • 87% of Nanit parents are confident in their ability to manage their baby's sleep
  • Nanit babies sleep 10% longer per night and fell asleep earlier than other babies

Nanit Pro Camera

Available in 3 stand options

Backed by experience
(and so, so much data)

Sleep better knowing that everything we do is backed by the Nanit Lab—our trusted think tank of scientists, pediatricians and industry experts.

Sleep, innovated

It's that little thing between the end of the day and the beginning of everything.

We believe that every parent deserves to feel connected, inspired and informed so we consistently deliver a best-in-class family experience that uses real, personalized data to make that happen.

"We LOVE our Nanit. It alerts us to any noise, provides a time lapse, and lets us split screen so we can see both of our kids. Highly recommend."

Allison Y, Nanit parent

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